Armor is a vital item in Expedition, most cannot survive very long without it. There are many different armors in the game which may be crafted, the easiest of these are the Hide Armors which have varying amounts of Health given while the more difficult types are made of Metal, examples of these are Bronze, Iron and Steel. While the Late-Game has what is called Obsidian, this is the best armor obtainable. There are also Unobtainable Armors, like Polar Bear and Christmas armors that are from Events hosted by Lord Wheatlies.

Hide Armor may be crafted without anything, this means you just strap a bunch of leathers together and make a set of armor. You will need Tanned leather however which is explained further in the Leatherworks Page.

Metallic Armor takes a little more effort, needing a Anvil and Hammer which is explained on their respective pages but the armor is much better than the primitive Hide versions.

Obsidian Armor is the best you can have, but it's recipe and location is kept secret by order of Lord Wheatlies, the creator of Expedition and is expected by all players to keep this secret.

The table below explains in more detail what is required for each type of Armor, please note that the Hammer may be in the Inventory or in hand when crafted.

Armor: Recipe: Building: Hammer: Health:
Cow Tanned Cow Hide - 3 None No 130
Gazelle Tanned Gazelle Hide - 3 None No 150
Cloth Cloth - 3 None No 160
Turtle Turtle Shell - 3 None No 175
Bear Tanned Bear Hide - 3 None No 180
Rhino Tanned Rhino Hide - 3 None No 195
Armor: Recipe: Building Hammer Health:
Bronze Bronze Bar - 4 Anvil Yes 210
Iron Iron Bar - 4 Anvil Yes 250
Steel Steel Bar - 4 Anvil Yes 300
Christmas [Uncraftable] [Uncraftable] [Uncraftable] 350
Obsidian [Secret] [Secret] Yes 400

Armor can also be colored using gems. To color them they need to be crafted near Leatherworks. When you color them, they will have names according to their gem used for coloring. (ex. Livid Bronze Armor)

Gem Color Name
Sapphire Blue Azure
Ruby Red Florid
Amethyst Purple Livid
Emerald Green Jaded
Gold Yellow/Gold Regal
Diamond White/Grey/Black Ornate