The following is a diary entry of a former blacksmith's apprentice of an archae empire.Edit

Day 1 of Wheatuary, 20th entryEdit

In order to create strong tools, fine armors, and powerful weapons, one must know the basic concept of smelting their ores in the furnance. I know for a fact that copper ore and tin ore create bronze in the furnance. Iron is the simplest to smelt in my opinion, because all you really need is to smelt that single iron ore. My mentor will be teaching me how to create steel today, hopefully. I really want to know what that strange black sword on his wall is. Perhaps it's his finest creation. What an interesting and beautiful glossy metal that is...

Day 5 of Wheatuary, 24th entry Edit

My mentor once taught me that the greater a material is, the stronger the blade will be. This is mainly true due to how difficult it is to obtain certain metals, while others are quite common. True blade smithing is somewhat easy but tedious. I believe that the better one material is, the finer the construction of its slashing edge is. However, the context of materials will be explained in due time.

Day 8 of Wheatuary, 29th entryEdit

Stone is such a spiteful material to create weapons out of! What kind of dolt uses stone for even a basic form of weapon?! On the contrary, I absolutely love bronze, such an elegant and easy metal to shape. Bronze is extremely good for beginners if they plan on shaping weapons, tools and such. Iron becomes a bit more difficult, but much more durable and less brittle. However, add coal to that iron and you have yourself a strong but not necessarily malleable metal right there. The strength of a metal also affects how powerful its tools, weapons or armor is.

Day 24th of Wheatuary, 53th entryEdit

In this entry, these will be notes that I will refer to as I become an expert smith. A simple note to myself, always be sure to carry a hammer on myself before going to create some armor on the anvil. Also, another important note is if one is using the grindstone, you don't need a hammer! Haha! 

The rest of the pages of the diary are burnt.Edit