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What are Community Combat Events?Edit

They are similar to Events but are on a much smaller, more passive scale.  Most of these events are hostable by anyone and anyone may host them.  These events must fit into the Lore of Expedition.  They are and must not be gamebreaking or game-ruining events that take away the amusement of the game.

Types of Events:Edit

  • Community -  Event able to be performed by anyone in the community easily.  Anyone in the world can host these events.  These events are the most common.  Note that raiding and defending are different events that are now related to HERE.
  • Boss Event - Usually includes a player with powerful gear and high fighting abilities.  The hoster carries rare loot and/or either guard certain areas or roam the world.  Bosses are not limited to just players in powerful gear.  Admins may resize themselves, or alter their appearance and rename themselves to serve as great bosses, such as demons, dragons, and obsidian guardians.
  • Monster Event - Apart of the Lore of N-S^Merc PNA.  Hosted only by members of the N-S^Merc PNA (ask PaulWolfe for more info.)  Players, with certain structures (gene modifications) built onto them, roam around and randomly attack other players.   These structures provide advantages to the monster, such as defense and attack range, or can even serve as personnel carriers for more members.
  • Passive Event - These events usually do not involve aggression or hostility.  These events include mass-building, village society governing, and nation trading.  Admins should moderate these events in case of mutiny or betrayals.  Hosters may allow aggressive acts, such as raids and betrayals, to happen during these events.
  • Crusader Event - Apart of the Lore of the Empire of Pyreus.  Hosted only by members of the Empire of Pyreus (ask Strelka for more info.)  Players are gathered together to march around the world, raiding and taking everything from settlements they discover.   Their numbers makes them formidable and deadly as they are able to cut others down one by one.  The crusade will only stop once they are either satisfied or until all the nearby settlements are pillaged.
  • War-games Event - Possibly going to be apart of the "Clan" Events.
  • Minor Event - Event that does not affect anyone unless they interact with you.
  • [No longer available] Event - Events that are rarely hosted or no longer hosted.
  • ? Event - Undefined Events that current have no specified type, and/or events with currently no information.

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Event Type Description Difficulty
Assassin Event [No longer available] [No longer available] ?
Raider Event [No longer available] [No longer available] Normal
Assassins' Order Event [No longer available] [No longer available] ?

Gladiator Event

Community or Boss Fight for the glory! (And the kings amusement) Enter the ring and fight with various weapons and armors strewn around the arena. (Alternative is a small group of warriors against the almighty king in his obsidian armor) Depends on skill and other players' skills.
Mutant Event [No longer available] [No longer available] ?
Farming Event Passive

Players are to gather and farm with each other to establish the largest agribusiness farming company of Expedition.

Additional rules may be created by the hoster.

Government Event ? [Removed] see HERE for info. ?
World fair Passive canceled due to suspected exploitation. Medium