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This page is for Ideas or Concepts that other player suggest to be in to game. The ideas will most likely not get added but its fun to share ideas and see how other players like them.


  • Popularity is based on how much it is talked about, how many people want it, and how balanced the concept/idea is.  If there is too little information or if it cannot be estimated, the popularity will be '?'.
  • The concept/idea must fit in with the lore and setting of Expedition.  No fighter jets.

Concepts and IdeasEdit

Concept/Idea Description Popularity ( X/100 ) Image Suggested by

Sundew Pepper

Sundew peppers are red cube-shaped fruits that would spawn all over the world of Expedition. It would give a total of 15 Hunger and 5 thirst. NOTE PICTURE WILL BE PROVIDED SOON ?/100 Awsomeuser32D
Slingshot A slingshot is a weapon that consumes Sling ammo (2 split stones together) and is made with 1 handle 2 split wood and 1 twine. Doing about 20-30 damage (random number gen) NOTE PICTURE WILL BE ADDED SOON. ?/100 Awsomeuser32D
Saber A melee weapon that does as much damage as a bronze sword but has the swing rate of a knife and range of a spear.  Is made with 2 knife blades, 1 gold, and 1 hilt near an anvil. ?/100 PaulWolfe
Kunai A knife weapon that swings faster than the average knife but does the damage of a stone axe.  Made with 2 iron ingots and 1 steel ingot near a grindstone. ?/100 PaulWolfe
Leather Armor An armor that is as strong as cloth armor.  Made from 3 leatherpads which are crafted from 2 leather each. ?/100 PaulWolfe
Shields This shield could be made of bronze, iron, steel and Obsidian, bronze would be a small circle shield, iron would be a bigger circle shield, steel woud be a small rectangle shield (faced up and down, not left to right btw) and obsidian would be a bigger rectangle shield, these shields would either reduce damage or give more health. (Crafting recipe may be 2 (material like bronze or something) and 2 leather. ?/100 maxyy3
Cigarettes (Or cigars) These would be made by 2 twine and 1 cloth, when you smoked these cigars you would lose health, the more you use the faster you would lose health. ?/100 maxyy3
Summoning boss monsters At a certain location you can summon a boss monster campaign free using
  • Obsidian for strength,
  • Flint for fiery breath,
  • Any animal armor for the body,
  • And wheat for health.

place the listed items at the right location between a star of five head boards to spawn the KING OF DRAGONS!

?/100 Rrainbowartemis
Yeti mobs They would be agressive and they'd live in snow forest ( New biome? ). They would also spawn each 10 minutes (1 per 10 minutes) making them very rare. They'r skin would be used to make armor that prevents you from being frozen to death. ?/100 airassassin99
Snow Forest This would be a new biome in which would live some of the mobs ( New mobs ). Only difference in these forests would be that you'd be damaged by coldness unless you have a yeti armor on yourself. ?/100 airassassin99
Coffee Speed Boost Very simple, just makes you faster when you use coffee for 20 seconds. Does not stack. ?/100 Alijr23
Glowberry Juice Basically a "wine", made near a Glowberry Press (new building) it gives 60 thirst and 30 hunger. It has a chance to change trees around it to glow berry trees, glows much further than normal glow berries eaten, and can be used twice. The effects last 20 seconds. Cannot be stacked. Costs 4 glowberries. ?/100 Alijr23
Glowberry Press Used to make Glowberry juice. Costs 20 split wood, 1 handle, 10 steel, and 5 obsidian. Unlike other crafting stations, when you craft the glowberry juice near it, it begins to press down on the glowberries. This takes 4 seconds. This allows it to be possible to automate. ?/100 Alijr23
Desert Adds the desert as a new biome. The desert is hard to travel as water is limited and even well need to be built in certain spots maximize the amount of water you get from them. Fire can start at random. Biome has lots of different ores, including 1 sulfur rocks and 2 flint rocks. Rock Scorpions (new mob) roam the land and can inflict poison sometimes when they hit you. Rock Scorpions drop split stone when killed. You must be careful, standing in the sun too long will cause you to over heat, water, melons, plus-fruit, and shade lower temperature, while coffee, glowberries, and obsidian gear increase temperature. ?/100 Alijr23
Bamboo Bamboo would be a new plant that would be found around the map. Bamboo would spawn as 5 3-stud high, 0.5-stud thick light-green blocks and would be harvested in 'bamboo bunches'. Similar to wheat, these bunches would be crafted into two bamboo and two bamboo seeds. Bamboo would have some possible uses which are explained later on, such as firelances and blowpipes. ?/100 Teapot_Eater
Firelances Stemming from the bamboo idea, firelances would be a hollowed out bamboo tube that would have gunpowder inside it that would be lit by a fuse, and would act as a ranged weapon. Firelances would be able to propel a projectile about as long as a bow and would do more than a bow (maybe 1.5x), balanced by the difficulty of making the ammunition itself. Firelance packets, which would be the ammunition for the firelance, would be crafted with steel (the projectile), gunpowder (the charge), and rope (the fuse). Possible recipe would be bamboo, rope, gunpowder, and steel. ?/100 Teapot_Eater
Blowpipes Also stemming from the bamboo idea, blowpipes would shoot darts at whatever you want to shoot at, doing 0.5x the bow's damage. The low damage would be balanced by the darts inflicting status effects, such as poison (losing health over time) or slowing. Possible dart recipe would be 1 iron for 2 darts. Darts would be poisoned by adding the poison to the dart recipe, and the effect of the dart would be determined by the type of poison used. You can also switch between types of darts by using N/M. ?/100 Teapot_Eater