The first thing for making your own farm on those barren rocky Islands is to learn what does what, The Compost Bin is used to make Compost from Fruits such as Coconuts and Glowberries. From there you can make a Farm Plot. That is used to help crops grow 2x faster than on normal soil and can allow Plants to grow on it, as it can be placed anywhere such as on Ships and Rocky Mountains that makes this Building essential for any Isolated Base.

Here's a step by step guide on how to make a Farm:

  1. Collect resources to build your Compost Bin
  2. Now collect Fruits from Trees, Vegetables and other crops will not work.
  3. Craft these next to the Compost Bin to get Compost.
  4. Now create a Farm Plot and plant the desired Seeds on it.

Infinite Food and Water: Edit

For those that don't like the Plants, one can grab a Cow and with a Bucket may click the Pink udder of the Cow for infinite, easy to obtain Food and Water without any hassle. (Provided it's penned up and easy to click.)

Farming Cheaply: Edit

Sometimes, you may not have many resources, you can pick up seeds and simply plant them by dragging them to the Use Item area and placing them on the normal Grass, while this is inefficient it is by far the cheapest and easiest method for farming.

Food for Transport and Tribes: Edit

If you want to go to a remote Island, or simply travel by Boat for a long while without the hassle of jumping out to nearby Islands, Bread is the ideal food item to bring.