What is Magick Dust?Edit

Magick Dust is a dust similar to Fairy Dust and Pixie Dust, which are used by the demigods and servants of the Gods of Expedition.   The dust was developed by the N-S^Merc PNA.  It allows the user to be able to command the same type of magic-like powers as Fairy and Pixie Dust, but only weaker.  The user still are not able to use world-changing abilities as the Magick Dust is manufactured with dust that was depleted of most of its magical value and energy.

Anyone not in the NSM who is seen using 'Magick Dust' are possibly people whom were able to acquire it through blackmarket methods; in other words, they possibly stole the dust from a nearby hidden facility and are to be hunted and executed immediately.

After the NSM disbanded, production of this dust stopped. As such, the dust was eventually all used up. Anyone using powers that Magick Dust would grant is useing Dark Dust, a forbidden dust by all. Anyone using these powers should be reported to a Fairy Dust user.

Literal MeaningEdit

Magick Dust is basically the "VIP" commands given to players.  It allows you to fire, smoke, sparkle, light, color, and hat yourself.   This feature is best for roleplaying and hosting minor events. EB8699 removed VIP commands, so anyone using these commands is either a staff member or an exploiter.