Size of the Mill in relation to the Player.

The Mill is a Building used to create one of the late-game foods, Bread.

Cost: Burnable: Outsider Usable:
4x Cloth

10x Log

2x Thatching

4x Rope

Yes Yes

Crafting: Edit


From Left to Right: Bread, Dough, Bucket, Flour, Wheat and the Mill.

There are several steps that lead up to bread and are as follows:

  1. Collect a Wheat Bundle.
  2. Then, craft the Wheat Bundle.
  3. Now, craft the Wheat at the Mill.
  4. Then with the Flour, craft it with a Water Bucket.
  5. After that, you can craft the Dough next to a Campfire or Furnace.

Bread is extremely useful on long voyages when sailing or feeding a Tribe of 3-5.

Food: Thirst: Stamina:
60 0 40

Quick Crafting: Edit

In a more recent update you can do the above or you can build a Campfire/Furnace, Well/Water Barrel and Mill close together with Wheat growing nearby to rapidly craft bread.

This is because you can now craft Wheat Bundles at a Mill to get two flour and two wheat seeds, craft the flour at a well/water barrel to craft dough without the need for a bucket as that was a annoying part of the recipe and finally you can craft the dough at a furnace/firepit to make the bread.