Update on ClanEdit

Due to the inactivity of clans and abandonment of the concept, the NSM had been disbanded.

Indigenous tribes and people of Expedition had harassed NSM safezones, causing massive casualties.  All personnels of the NSM had permanently retreated back home overseas.


The NSM and N-S^Merc PNA are the Mediators and Intervenors between Clan Affairs.  Although they are technically not a clan, the NSM is counted as one.

You will only see the NSM in populous servers with a major number of crafting stations, geared players, and urban buildings and architecture.

Due to the recent Hostility, only Rogue Branches of the NSM can be spotted roaming the map; which they most likely will attack anyone who has at least steel equipment.

More information can be found HERE.

What are the NSM?Edit

The Neko Seraphim Military is a larger co-branch of the N-S^Merc PNA that is has multiple sub-branches for military mobilization and peacekeeping operations.  Although the NSM are not interested in intervening between warring tribes, they are now forced to take action due to recent attacks from multiple hostile tribes.

Sub-Branches and Rogue BranchesEdit

Sub-branches are the branches of tasks of the NSM.  They appear in highly populated servers to prevent major server inbalance and disruption.

Rogue-branches are rogue, hostile versions of some of the sub-branches.  They are usually formed when a rising power declares war upon one or multiple sub-branches, or vice versa.

Number Identification Branch Name Description Rogue Version
[0] N-S^Merc PNA Council, Leaders, Embassies, and Foreign Affairs [CLEF]  Group of various leaders, ambassadors, and councilmen that help run the NSM. These people may also be leaders of other clans/tribes.
[1]  N-S^Merc Public Peacekeeper Forces Regular safezone peacekeeper forces. [Safezone Activities Revoked and Halted due to insecurity and uncooperation.]

NSM Militia Forces

Local inhabitants that volunteered for peacekeeping duties.
[3]  Seraphim Valkyries Elite militarized and fantasized force with the ability to use Magick Dust.

[R3a] Project Tainted Valkyrie

[R3b] NEKO Demonic Valkyrie

[4] Wandering Regiment soldiers that randomly travel around the world. [R4] Seraphim of Darkness
[5] Trading & Raiding Company Market branch that deals expensive black-market weapons.

Mercenary Company

Covert operatives that raid and bomb possibly threatening settlements. [R6] Excalibur Division 
[7] Magikraftre Society Secret society of magic casters.  Its rogue-branch members are dangerous and skilled at assassination. [R7] Magikraftre Exorcists

Note that rogue-branches are not friendly and will kill anyone who is not in their group and is a possible threat on-sight.

Members of the NSMEdit

N-S^Merc PNA MembersEdit

These members are diplomats, ambassadors, councilmen, regular people, and leaders of other clans that help maintain and run the NSM.  They also keep the N-S^Merc PNA and the NSM neutral and as a mediator between all clans.

CLEF Members
Name Role Main Clan
[R7] PaulWolfe Founder NSM
[1] Gunnerup2006 Community Leader Unknown
[2] roblox4pwned Community Leader NSM
maxyy3 Leader Unknown
[2] 1234candyman

Community Leader



Member Unknown
EB8699 Leader Obsidian Clan




[*Unofficially in the clan, pending for the clan, and/or clan is unofficial.]

Role Descriptions:

Founder - founded the organization.  Has absolute control over the organization.

Leader - a trusted leader of the organization. Carries a large influence of the organization. Also diplomat between the organization and clans.

Community Leader - the second in command of the leader and also a co-leader of the organization. Also diplomat between the organization and clans.

Diplomat - A peacemaker between the organization and clans.  Discusses treaties and agreements between the organization and clans.

Member - regular and active member of the entire organization.

NSM Militia Voluntary ForcesEdit

[[[[    The NSM MVF program has been suspended and will no longer be available  ]]]]

Hitlist and WatchlistEdit

The list below are of players that are either to be suspicious of or to kill on sight.  The players on this list have been confirmed dangerous and extremely hostile.  To be on this list means you are most likely an 'rker' or 'oathbreaker'.  You may also be added to this list if you conducted arson or terrorism.

The "List"
Name Status Reason Danger
derikiscool131 Hitlist Assassinations; is deemed a potential threat. 43/100
adorablenono Hitlist Personal Hatred to the NSM;  attempts to command people into attacking NSM Personnel. 15/100

Other PurposesEdit

The NSM will also provide protection to neutral, passive settlements around the world when they are not guarding a safezone or if there is no safezone.  They will retaliate if acts of aggression is performed upon them.