These are some of the most popular and well known tribes.

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  • Any tribes that have reached more than 50 popularity are deemed permanent and are not able to be removed from the chart.
  • Popularity is estimated by how well-known the tribe is, not by it's population.
  • The Tribe Leader is the current leader of that tribe at the period of time.
  • Please do not put random tribes onto the list.  They will be deleted.
  • Any tribe at 5/100 popularity will be removed and disbanded.  They may also be removed after one to five weeks of inactiveness, which is dependant on editor.
  • All new tribes start at 35/100.
  • Popularity can be changed at anytime.
  • Popularity can only be changed and altered by group admins/moderators, notable wiki contributors ( which you can find HERE ), maxyy3,  and PaulWolfe.
  • Every tribe's popularity is FAIRLY TREATED.  No tribes are biased against.
  • Evil acts (masskilling, spawnkilling, mass rk, mass-griefing, flaming, etc) will lower the popularity of a tribe.

Disbanded Tribes:

  • Expeditus Rebellium
  • Brothers Of Steel
  • Bearshmen
  • The Minutemen
  • The Hallowed Union
  • Oblivion Walkers

Tribe Popularities:

Popular Tribes (as of 2/20/2016 - 2/20/2017)
Tribe Name Popularity (100 Max) Tribe Description Tribe Member Count (Estimated)

Tribe Leader

The Hanblon (Color) (Progress) ~73/100

This tribe is started by EB, a well known admin of the Expedition game. Most members come and go, so there's not many known people in the tribe. One former member is "HighAdmiral" a new admin in the game.

~8 ?
Eden ~44/100 A faction previously called cinceria which took a while but became the largest faction on the game it was abandoned for months but the leader (ihyperstars) has made a new faction on it's path to become the strongest through population worker efficiency with already the largest game populace the member count is official loyalists to our faction.

It should be noted that this tribe is against the Clan Update.

~11 IHyperStars
Neko-Seraphim Military ~58/100

The NSM is a co-branch for the Neko-Seraphim Mercenaric Paranavy Alliance.  The NSM is the mediator between clans and usually remains neutral.

The N-S^Merc PNA is a tribe that is dedicated to the advancement in technologies of the Expedition world and is also responsible for the creation of dangerous monsters in Expedition.

~7 PaulWolfe
Edfric ~34/100 [ Insert Description Here ] N/A BuiloTelanom
The Dark Forest Traders ~37/100 The Traders are a medium sized tribe known for planting multiple trees around their huts to create a darkened forest area. While they may seem threatening at first, this tribe often welcomes players into their camp, offering to trade resources and materials with them. ~5 IrishSpector or RolfDobbelmann (alternates)



~44/100 Currently a rising tribe, The Helfen Warriors is led by maxyy3 with about 5-8 active members. The Helfen Warriors are seen with Steel armour, and steel swords/knives this tribe is not afraid to attack anyone who comes into their base. ~7 maxyy3
Sulfarian Kingdom ~51/100 Tribe located on the island hidden in sulfur. Isolated from the world to strengthen forces and control the seas. ~7
Empire of Pyreus ~40/100 An empire located directly next to a spawn point, and usually carries plentiful tools and food. The empire is usually friendly to all but the average raiders. Varies