This is a roleplay element and will not affect the game heavily.

It is now confirmed that the player 'strelka' is the prophet of Pyroneus.

The Empire of Pyreus worships Pyroneus, the god of fire. The belief of Pyroneus is the belief of rebirth from flames, or in other cases, the rebirth of an empire or kingdom.

Pyroneus once was a regular man, exploring many parts of the world and developing technology as other tribesmen. However, one day he ventured too far into a volcano while trying to mine obsidian and thus fell into the lava. When he died, he ascended to a new realm and met other tribesmen. This was his second life. He helped this tribe the best he could, but in the end, was not recognized for his achievements in the tribe. He died of starvation soon after he was abandoned from a village sacking. In his third life, he was born with another tribe. However, this tribe didn't want him. He was shooed away constantly, but on the third attempt, he was killed. In his fourth life, he worked until he had the greatest tools known at the time. He went and slaughtered the tribes that had forsaken him, and built from their rubble, remains, and destruction. Renegades of the tribes joined him, and his destruction became what was known...

As a new age of an empire.