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Made as an alternative to Roblox survival games with an emphasis on realism and community building. Not your grandma's survival game. - Description of development.


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[Please note: this game has very extensive lore but due to the current developer: EB8699 deciding to cease work on this subject for the good of Expedition in the long term, Lore is no longer supported in-game. You may still role-play with it as it's found all over the wiki here and can be seen in the few remaining cults but as a whole, Lore in Expedition is Dead. So if you find a page with it then keep this in mind as not all pages have been updated yet.

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"Here to bring you knowledge, because those who do not seek it die. Otherwise, enjoy surviving in such a dangerous world full of cannibalistic primitives! Also, enjoy your Wednesday!"  - Wiki Contributor.

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Expedition is not an easy game. It's not always hard either. If you bring friends and common sense, you can survive in the vast realm of wilderness. Animals will try to hunt you down, so will players. You need to arm yourself to survive, you need shelter too. Many bizarre things will happen during your lifetime that will kill you, so don't be afraid to die. Players live and die to as they finish their cycle of life, but they need to survive as long as they can. Teamwork and cooperation are required in order to thrive; work together to build a village, town, or civilization. Find random, worthy players, and start a tribe with them. Don't be afraid or shy to make new friends in a dangerous world full of predators. Fight other tribes, hunt animals and create armor, go mine ore and create varieties of weapons of war, make a city, or live on a boat, create your own tribe, or survive solo; do whatever you decide, this game will surely bring out the best of you. 

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