Slave traders are very rare to find in Expedition, however they are out there. Slave traders go to distant lands on a flatboat with their slaves. If they catch you, you may be taken prisoner and be forced to do as they say,including fishing, building, or whatever they want you to do.. There are 7 known slaver traders, bobisbob, rny, H3ckling, Refellen, Genericbandit01, Genericbandit02, and Genericbandit03. but it's possible it isn't that. Slave traders is usually an RP function of Expedition (note: there is no "RP" button in Expedition; players can create the RP.) and may also ask for gems and ores in return for the slave(s). One survivor of the traders have said that they carry the rarest ore, and have the knife of it.... There are reports of slave traders coming back, but they come on when almost nobody is on. There are some rumours coming about of people talking about getting a slave.

Edited by Gradydad,victim of slave traders.

Edited again by maxyy3, a player who tried having a slave.