Steel is an alloy, which is used to craft the second highest quality armor and weaponry possible. It is the second to the last tier next to iron. It is the best metal for those who haven't reached obsidian yet. It requires the use of a Furnace to create a steel bar and the use of a hammer to create steel tools and weaponry.

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Crafting Recipes: Edit

Steel: 1 iron ore, 2 coal ore (Requires: Furnace)

Steel Armor: 4 steel (Requires: Anvil)

Steel Pickaxe Head: 2 steel (Requires: Hammer)

Steel Blade: 3 Steel (Requires: Grindstone)

Steel Knife Blade: 1 Steel (Requires: Grindstone)

Steel Axe Head: 1 Steel (Requires: Hammer)

Cannonball: 2 steel (Requires: Furnace)

Steel Tools Edit

Steel Sword: 1 steel sword blade, 1 hilt

Steel Knife: 1 Steel Knife Blade, 1 hilt

Steel Spear: 1 steel, 1 rope, 1 handle

Steel Pickaxe: 1 Steel Pickaxe Head, 1 handle

Steel Axe: 1 Steel Axe Head, 1 handle

Trivia Edit

  • Steel is an alloy in real life
  • So far, it is the best material used to craft combat gear other than obsidian.
  • It is the signature metal of the Steel Clan, and it is sometimes used to mass-kill everyone if a select few players are unable to get Obsidian/don't want to violate the Oath.