Wheatlies is the creator of this game, Expedition.

About Edit

Not much is known about this legendary Character, only that he appears on occasion to have a chat with the players leaving him with somewhat of a mystery.

Powers Edit

You would think that being a Owner of the game he would "Flex" his powers a fair bit, but so far he has only been observed to have the ability to spawn in items for all players. The Item spawned appears Anchored above each player until they pick it up.

During a fast moving moment, Admin EB8699 was investigating two possible Exploiters, Wheatlies comes on for 2 minutes and says: "Exploiters you say?" then, bans both immediately. EB8699 cannot go against a God of Expedition so simply went along with it. This event was known as the January 8th Banning of Juan and Doncan. People included in this event were: Juan, Doncan, EB8699, Wheatlies, iiOptik.

This goes to show that Mr Wheatlies does not mind flexing his powers should a situation arise.